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About Us

Muller Shipping Corporation is an international freight forwarder and customs broker founded in 1947 in New York. Privately held for more than twenty years, the company was originally a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wm H. Muller & Co., N.V. group of companies based in Rotterdam.

Since its founding, Muller Shipping has been one of the leading forwarding agents active in the handling of humanitarian food aid programs from the U.S. on behalf of Private Voluntary Organizations and government agencies. When the company was established the primary business was the shipment of post-war food relief items to Europe as forwarding agent for CARE, the international relief organization sending the famous ‘CARE Packages’ to Europe in the post-war years.

Our activities today include order assembly, import clearance, consolidations, export license consultancy, and other import and export services. As a full-service forwarding agent and customs broker, Muller provides air and sea freight services for shipments ranging in size from small boxes to shipload quantities of agricultural commodities.

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